Ireland Black Belt in Karaoke

John  0879127446
Johns unique talent Has him in demand for all kinds of
events in Ireland gigs for singers, comedians, Weddings, Birthdays ,Tv programs ,Film rap party ,
race meeting entertainment Hen
Debs nights ,Office Christmas nights ,After wedding parties ,Festivals . Crazy nights Party games.
He has been described as… The Entertainers Entertainer
so booking in advance is a good idea
as there is only 365 day a year
and he is after all only one man

World karaoke championship Lathi Finland 2009 kicked off with live feed  on the
internet for the first time with near to a million  viewers from all around the world
with 32 countries taking part it has been hailed as the biggest ever.
well done to kwc
and all the teams for putting together such a great show in Lathi hall Finland
old meet new in finland 2009
Finland is a fine  place where old meets new.. nice to go back in 2009
see old friends and meet new ones also great to take home a champion
russia and ireland triumphant in finland
triumphant russia and ireland triumphant
performers from all over the world
Fun pictures form Finland teams etc
Participating Countries and Singers Karaoke World Championship Finland 2009
Khanittha Phon-Onsa - Thailand
Corinna Mitchell  - Austria
Bjarki Hansen - Faore Island
Petra Lindbert - finland
Brian Scott - USA
Ebunoluwa Kivinen - Nigeria
Adrian Kenny - Ireland
Dina David - Australia
Fedor Rytikov - Russia
Lolita Laitinen - Filippines
Artur Rassman - Estonia
Xriss Jor - Lebanon
Danielle Brooks - Germany
Alexis Fernandes - Portugal
Jennifer WArd - Ireland
Noel Cavernelis - South Africa
Rebecca Armstrong - USA
Kantima Saowanee - Thailand
Riku Torkkeli - Finland
Jola Tubielewicz - Poland
Elie Hatem - Lebanon
Anita Ottosen - Faroe Island
Luis Rosman - Panama
Arcile Seestie - Filippines
Dominik Reinweber - Austria
Tamara Rutskova - Latvia
Hassan Moudden - Morocco
Jenni Roth - Finland
Reina Magila - New Zealand
Well Done To All
bigjohns karaoke Ireland