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All roads to Moscow Russia for the 2010 Karaoke World Championships... Andrea Byrne & Brian Robb were representing Ireland and did us proud. The excitment  was amazing as we had BBC World news following our  team throughout the day ..the singer sand the audience  applauded and waved their country flags with cheers !!  Andrea & Brian were fantastic.  The final night lots & lots of  media TV cameras etc ..the Russians sure know how to  put on a great and wonderful production. It was time to  announce the KWC Champions for 2010 ... Maria  Saarimaa-Ylitalo representing Finland won the female  catagory and is now the 2010 Karaoke world Champion  and Sam Moudden also representing Finland won the  male catogory and is the male Karaoke World Champion  for 2010 ..  2011 its our turn so we shall take you on an  adventure to the beautiful south of Ireland to a town  called Killarney County Kerry where a warm friendly  welcome awaits you all, The KWC venue is the INEC  Convention centre and karaoke singers from all over the  world will sing on a stage that has being host to many  many famous acts .We are very excited to show you all  what Ireland has to offer the Emerald Isle to us is a very  special place beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers, streams,  and an exquisite coast line." Come and taste the  Guinesss and enjoy the traditional Irish pubs and music ... Cead Mile Faile (A million welcomes) to KWC 
Bigjohnskaraoke would like to wish the winners of 2010 all the best and a big well done to Ann marie  liz Andrea &  Brian  for doing Ireland proud in Russia 2010
and wish them all the best for 2011 championship
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