Ireland Black Belt in Karaoke

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Johns unique talent Has him in demand for all kinds of
events in Ireland gigs for singers, comedians, Weddings, Birthdays ,Tv programs ,Film rap party ,
race meeting entertainment Hen
Debs nights ,Office Christmas nights ,After wedding parties ,Festivals . Crazy nights Party games.
He has been described as… The Entertainers Entertainer
so booking in advance is a good idea
as there is only 365 day a year
and he is after all only one man

Karaoke on the world championship level differs greatly from the general pub karaoke known to all. The talent shown by the top singers can easily be compared to the world's greatest performers. The ninth annual KWC event, which stands for Karaoke World Championships, was held in Killarney, Ireland.
KWC has achieved fame as the world's largest and most prestigious karaoke event in the world, gathering music lovers all in one place. This year's championships will combine participants from twenty different countries or more. In 2007, KWC was held in the tropical atmosphere of Bangkok, Thailand. In 2008, 2009 KWC was held in Lahti, Finland in a brand new luxurious Lahti Hall, 2010 was in Moscow, Russia! And 2011 in Killarney South West Ireland!!!
Karaoke World Champions 2011 Lebanon & USA Marc Hatem,IMG_0869IMG_0974
Karaoke World Champions 2011 Lebanon & USA Marc Hatem,
Over the years, the Karaoke World Championships has offered performances ranging from energetic rock lyrics through to heart-breaking ballads. Because of the wide and varied scale of performances, one thing is guaranteed when it comes to the Karaoke World Championships - it only gets better every year.

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